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Off-grid woman defies special magistrate's order


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Off-grid woman defies special magistrate's order

By Liza Fernandez. CREATED Jul 29, 2014

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - An important deadline for the Cape Coral woman fighting the city over her off-the-grid lifestyle has come and gone. 

A special magistrate gave Robin Speronis until Monday, July 28th to either fix the more than 30 code violations against her or leave the home.    
But Speronis continues living in the house at the center of all the controversy. 
"Did I fix something that was on their list? I don't know, maybe, maybe not. Maybe I added to their list. I don't know because that's not my focus," said Speronis. 
She tells reporter Liza Fernandez she didn't even open the notice of violation delivered to her after the city of Cape Coral got a court order to inspect her home back in April, choosing instead to put her energy elsewhere.  
"Where ever you put your energy, you get more of. So why focus on the negative," Speronis explained. And she also said that's why she missed her code enforcement hearing July 17th.
"I have a constitutional right to live the way I am and live the way I do. I pose a threat to no one, including myself. What are they going to do arrest me and put me in jail? Well, been there done that," she added. 
Speronis is referring to her recent 5-week stint in Lee County jail. She was arrested in May on an animal cruelty charge, which was abruptly dropped for lack of evidence.
A spokeswoman for the city of Cape Coral told FOX 4 the city continues to follow due process with regard to the outstanding code violations, and a judge will likely now start imposing fines on Speronis.
Yet she remains unafraid.
"The city has shown when no one's watching they do what they want and make up the law. But now everyone's watching, so they're toothless. Everyone's watching. The world is watching," said Speronis. 
Speronis added, she hopes her supporters are moved enough over all that's gone on -- to make a change at in the voting booth during the next cape election. 
And she continues working with the Rutherford Institute on a potential federal lawsuit against the city.