Arrest of tutor leads to tough questions for superintendent


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Arrest of tutor leads to tough questions for superintendent

By Dave Culbreth. CREATED Jan 9, 2014

Ft. Myers, Fla. -

More now on a Southwest Florida tutor accused of sexually assaulting one of his students at school. According to an arrest report, 66-year-old Gregory Lancaster performed sexual acts on the minor and showed her pornographic images all during what was supposed to be tutoring sessions inside Villas Elementary in Fort Myers.

This happened almost a year ago but was just recently reported to police.  And while the current Lee County superintendent, Doctor Nancy Graham was not the superintendent when it happened she is addressing your concerns about who's keeping your kids safe at school.

"In this case clearly something went array," said Graham. According to the arrest report this man sexually assaulted a child at this elementary school in so many ways you can't possibly describe it on tv. "This incident is beyond comprehension to me." 

Villas Elementary in Fort Myers is in the Lee County School District but the tutor, according to the district and sheriff's office, worked for an outside company. "This was not our employee, this was not our service, this was an outside vendor providing the service," added Graham.

So, even though parents send their kids to a school in the Lee County School District, when it comes to tutoring, the district says it has nothing to do with your child. "It was an outside vendor providing the services. It happened to be on one of our campuses," Graham added.

Therefore the district has no rules, or say so, for tutors such as they have to have someone else in the room or leave the doors open. In this case the arrest report says the tutor took the child to a room with no windows, closed the door and put a chair against it before sexually assaulting the child. "We do not dictate to outside vendors. That's the best answer I can give you. They are paying for a facility," explained Graham.

So what are parents to do? "Parents have choices and it is entirely up to parents whether or not they choose to allow their children to be on campus after hours with an outside tutor," replied Graham.

Graham says a background check is done by the state and the district's looking into the case. "Obviously we're going to review our protocols and see what possibly could have been done that wasn't done."

Again, this particular incident happened before Dr. Graham was superintendent. She said her administration will be looking into what protocols and procedures are in place, but didn't say if she thinks there will be any changes.