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Backyard gun range bothers neighbor


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Backyard gun range bothers neighbor

By Dave Culbreth. CREATED Dec 27, 2013

Golden Gate Estates, Fla. -

The wild wild west in Southwest Florida? A Collier County woman is worried after a neighbor makes his own gun range in their backyard. The woman tells us she's concerned about safety and noise with target practice going on close to her home and she wants to know if it's legal. 

The answer to is, yes. The reason being, is because it's out in the country and there's no ordinance or law against it as long as it's on private property. But hat isn't stopping one neighbor from trying to stop it and she called us, wanting to know, why the gunfire doesn't stop?

"Out here it's almost like it's cart blanche, you can do whatever you want," said Patricia Shaw who lives in Golden Gate Estates. She is fired up, you might say, about what she calls a firing range in her neighborhood. Much of Golden Gate Estates is rural and therein lies the issue. "The police, they're hands are tied," added Shaw. "They told us that it is a law."

She wants to know why? The Collier County Sheriff's Office says it's because it's not in a city, it's in the country and the people who have the makeshift gun range are on their own private property. "I'm doing everything within the laws, I've been wanting to make sure that everything was within the laws," said the man who built the gun range. He wanted to remain anonymous and says, "What's the problem? I've had the police out here and they've inspected my burm and seen it and said that it's a safe shooting environment and I'm just practicing my second amendment rights."

Shaw says over the holiday's it's been non-stop, "It starts usually by about 10 o'clock in the morning. For the last two weeks it's been almost every morning and it will go until it starts getting dark."

The man who has set this range up says there's no way she can hear his shooting, she's too far away. after all, he says, he's surrounded by 20 acres of woods. "I'm worried about the safety and the neighbors and don't need any accidents but I am practicing safety and there shouldn't be any issues," he said.

"We moved out here for the quiet," countered Shaw. "There's a lot of older people that have retired to the country here looking for that quietness and we're not getting it anymore." And, she says, that's her issue, not gun control. "I am not against the right to bear arms, I am not."

Ms. Shaw says she's going to start a petition in her neighborhood to shut the makeshift gun ranges down. The man who has it, as well as the sheriff's have said, basically, good's not against the law.

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