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85 year old woman takes 4 flights to get to SWFL


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85 year old woman takes 4 flights to get to SWFL

By Dave Culbreth. CREATED Dec 26, 2013

Golden Gate Estates, Fla. -

Maria Nieves wanted to get out of the cold of Gary, Indiana and come down here to see her daughter. So, Sunday she took an airplane ride, well, actually she took four airplane rides!

"She went from Chicago to Atlanta to Pittsburgh back to Atlanta to Ft. Myers," said Nancy Bigley, the daughter of Maria Nieves.
Culbreth: "And she changed planes every time?"
Bigley: "yes."
Culbreth: "Wow."

She's talking about her mother, 85 year old Maria Nieves who, they say, did all that Sunday courtesy of Airtran Airlines. "My mother finally gets off of the plane at one o'clock in the morning." added Bigley.
Culbreth: "After starting at what time?"
Bigley: "10 o'clock in the morning."

The initial plan was to go from Chicago to Atlanta to here. When she got to Atlanta she says she showed them this card. "My sister gave this card to my mother and it clearly states where she was supposed to go," explained Bigley. "She handed it to the attendant and he said 'no problem'."

They say she was then escorted to the next gate for her Pittsburgh. "They told my sister that they were doing maintenance in Atlanta," Bigley said. "So they obviously switched the gates and the attendant didn't know? Not sure."

They say she then went back to Atlanta then to Fort Myers. And, what about her luggage?
Culbreth: "Correct me if I'm wrong but did you say her luggage got here long before she did?
Bigley: "Yes. Her luggage was here.
Culbreth: "So, the luggage got on the right flight?"
Bigley: "Yes. The luggage got on the right flight."

But, believe it or not this story gets worse because, they say, this is not the first time Nieves has flown to the wrong place and not the first time she's flown to the wrong place by AirTran. Two years ago she was supposed to visit her son in Baton Rouge. "She told the attendant she had to get off the plane because she was going to go to Louisiana. They told her it was okay, just wait we'll get you off the plane. She ended up still on the plane and that plane took her to Tampa," Bigley added.

"This is the second time that happened," said Nieves. "The second time that they do that to me."

AirTran Airways said this evening that it's investigating to see what happened and will get to the bottom of the situation and will let us know when it does.

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