70-year-old woman fends off burglar with kitchen knife


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70-year-old woman fends off burglar with kitchen knife

By Gabrielle Sarann. CREATED Nov 6, 2013

ENGLEWOOD, Fla. - Two days after an Englewood woman's home is burglarized, it happens again. But this time she's prepared.

Nursing a black eye, it's been the worst 24 hours for Alice Dunn.

"I was screaming bloody murder," she recalled. 
Late Tuesday night, the 70-year-old was sleeping on a recliner, when deputies say 51-year-old Franklin Szakalos, showed up.
"All of a sudden i woke up to someone's hands on me," demonstrated Dunn.
She says he told her to get in the bedroom.
"I don't need to be raped and i wasn't going to be raped," said Dunn.
She says he shoved her off the chair but she got up. 
"I know I'm supposed to give in and say yes but no!" she added.
Where most people would have panicked, this grandma pulled a knife wedged in her book and stabbed him.
"I wanted to go in deep, i wanted to twist it," explained Dunn. "I fought this bastard and i fought him with tooth nail and hammer."
She slashed him several times in the stomach. Detectives traced Szakalos blood to his home four blocks away.
Late this afternoon, we tried speaking with the suspect's family but a detective at the house asked us to leave. "We're not able to talk righ now," she said.
Back at Dunn's home, she added, "I have never been assaulted [or] robbed," she said.
She promised herself the attack would be the last.
"I need to protect myself from idiots like that," she said.
So, she's trading her kitchen knife for something much more powerful.
"I'm going to go after a gun permit," Dunn concluded.
She said her favorite jewelry was stolen on Sunday, a day after celebrating her 70th birthday.
Szakalos was arrested on charges of Burglary with Battery (persons over 65 years of age). He remains in jail on no bond.