Help for man who had car towed while in hospital


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Help for man who had car towed while in hospital

By Dave Culbreth. CREATED Oct 2, 2013

Lehigh Acres, Fla. -

Monday we first told you about a man who had his car stuck inside an impound yard after his van was towed. The man was stuck in the hospital and he came to FOX4 In Your Corner looking for answers.

Noel Powell is 82 years old and had his van towed because he wound up in the hospital for over a month. It all started when he suffered a seizure at a convenience store August 23rd. Not knowing he would be in the hospital for 33 days, they told him not to worry about his van. Six days later, after not hearing from him because he was in the hospital, it got towed. With the towing and storage the bill wound up being $1,250.

Powell told me he doesn't have that kind of money and he doesn't have any relatives to borrow it from. He says he lives on a fixed income. Somewhere along the way an acquaintence from church stepped in to help him. But after FOX4 stepped in it got resolved. The towing company reduced the bill to $500. Powell got a loan from one of those cash advance places and got his car back

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