Mystery jar found at Cape Coral High

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Mystery jar found at Cape Coral High

By Andrew Murphy. CREATED Sep 23, 2013

CAPE CORAL - There's a big mystery at Cape Coral high school over something extremely unusual that turned up in a classroom over summer vacation.

It's so bizarre -- even the Lee County Sheriff's Office is involved. 

Just before school started back last month at Cape Coral High School a teacher found inside a cabinet, wrapped inside a brown paper bag a mason jar which contained a four month old human fetus.

We should caution you that some of the material in the video may be disturbing to some people.

When teacher Robert Snyder came back from summer break on August 7 and entered his classroom where he teaches early childhood services he opened up a cabinet and according to incident reports with the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the district medical examiner’s office, he found, “a human specimen in a mason jar filled with formalin, inside a brown paper bag."

It says it had been 16 to 19 weeks since conception and that it is a white female.

It goes on to say the body is well preserved with all its features like eyes, ears, nose, mouth, feet and toes all normal. Measurements were taken its eight inches long and still attached to it is an umbilical cord.

Questions: how did it get here? Who put it here? When over the summer did they put it here? And why?

The medical examiners report says it "had not been present at the close of school before summer. No documentation could be located and no teachers or the principal were aware of where it had come from." 

The report also said there was no evidence of trauma.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office is still investigating and due to that, neither the school nor the school district would comment on this issue