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Man guilty of shooting Cape Coral officer gets life in prison

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Man guilty of shooting Cape Coral officer gets life in prison

By Julie Salomone. CREATED Sep 16, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla.- The man who tried to kill a Cape Coral officer was sentenced to life in prison on Monday. Cape Coral officer David Wagoner spoke before a Lee County judge as the man who tried to kill him sat just feet away.

"Yousel Rivera attempted to kill me and take away from me all that I love in this world," said Wagoner to a judge.

Officer Wagoner said in court, the night he was shot during a traffic stop in 2011, he feared dying and leaving behind his wife and children. The family has suffered financial strain and his wife has nightmares and flashbacks.

"This man's one decision had immense negative impact on me, my wife and children."

A jury found Yousel Rivera guilty in August for attempting to kill Wagoner during a traffic stop in April of 2011. Dash cam video isn't easy to watch and shows Officer Wagnor falling to the ground. Rivera finally faced his fate on Monday morning.

"I sentence you to a mandatory life sentence, mandatory means there is no possibility of any release," said Judge Mark Steinbeck.

Officer Wagoner ended his victim impact statement saying Rivera didn't succeed the night of the shooting.

"Mr. Rivera's selfish act did not accomplish his goals to take my life."

The defense filed a motion claiming life in prison is unconstitutional since Rivera has a mental age of a child. The judge denied that motion.