Cape Coral family fundraiser to battle scoliosis


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Cape Coral family fundraiser to battle scoliosis

By Chris Day. CREATED Sep 15, 2013

 Cape Coral, Fla. - The Cape Coral community came together to help a family raise money for scoliosis treatment. Bringing in world famous wrestlers made the fundraiser an all out brawl, for a good cause.

We caught up with the father of the family in need, Don Shepherd

"Me and some friends were sitting around, my daughter is going through scoliosis treatment... she has really severe scoliosis"

So Don reached out to his friends, owners of the Red Headed Witches halloween store in Cape Coral, asking for help.

"I kinda put it to them, I said hey can I have a festival at your store, and they were like... sure"

Two witches that usually deal with fantasy, facing reality.

"Don the father is our makeup artist, and he's with us every year doing effects, makeup, so he's kinda a part of our team - so we figured whatever we can do to help out"

So they did, holding this fundraiser with everything from goldfish ping pong, to calling in some favors to bring in world famous wrestling stars. All of whom volunteered their time to be here. a close community, fighting to help a family in need.

"Glad that we could help, my partner and i we're always here to help, this is her back here, jennifer"