Suspects sought in swastika vandalism


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Suspects sought in swastika vandalism

By Gabrielle Sarann. CREATED Jul 26, 2013

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. - Sheriff's deputies are trying to put an end to a serious of anti-Semitic incidents on a quiet North Fort Myers street. They're still looking for who is responsible.

Over the past several days, anti-Semitic vandals scrawled what appears to be graffiti on Deni Drive in North Fort Myers, including a swastika and "SS" lettering. 

James Condon and his two daughters were riding their bikes on Friday afternoon when they came across the hateful messages. 

"I didn't' really like that," said Mindy Condon, 10. Her sister, Olivia, 12, added, "It's bad for little kids to see."

On Saturday, the Lee County Sheriff's Office began investigating the vandalism. Bonnie Henderson reported it after her mailbox, now white, was painted red and a strange sign appeared on her driveway. 

"Now it's escalated into hate crimes and i think that's way over the edge," said Henderson. "It's got to stop."

Hava Holzhauer, the Florida regional director of the Anti-Defamation League said it's one of the most hateful symbols in the world. She say the anti-Semitic signs victimize the entire community. 

"It affects the whole community, everybody who cares about being able to live together harmoniously," said Holzhauer.

It's an uncomfortable sight neighbors refuse to tolerate.

"You just need to grow up and stop doing this stuff," said Condon to the vandals. "Hate does no good."

Late Friday evening, sheriff's deputies tried covering the symbols. The Lee County Department of Transportation is scheduled to completely clean them on Monday