Potato chip thief threatens Collier County deputy

Jacky Rogers

Potato chip thief threatens Collier County deputy

By John Rinkenbaugh. CREATED Jun 11, 2013

NAPLES, Fla. - A can of Pringle's potato chips proved too tempting for a Lehigh Acres man, but his mouth may bring him more trouble than he can chew.

A manager at a Walgreen's on Davis Boulevard caught Jacky Rogers, 28,  early Monday morning shoplifting.  Rogers had stuffed a can of Pringle's into his waist band telling the manager, "I am hungry man, I need to eat."

Rogers was combative when taken into custody by deputies threatening to whip their asses if let out of the handcuffs.

Once in the patrol car, Rogers told the deputy that once he got out of jail he was going to find him and rape and kill his family.

Rogers, a documented gang member, is charged with petty theft.