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Tracking the Tropics weather blog

Tracking the Tropics weather blog

By FOX 4 Storm Patrol. CREATED May 29, 2013

Saturday is the first day of June and the first day of the 2013
Atlantic Hurricane Season.  Time to get the supply kit together and
time to sit your family down and talk about a hurricane plan.  Do you
live in an evacuation zone?  If you had to evacuate, where would you
go?  What would you take?  Is your home and are your personal items
secure?  The forecast as far as the number of storms expected to form
this year is calling for an above normal season.  Best to get prepared
now and not wait until there is something brewing in the waters off of

Over the next several days, tropical cyclone development is unlikely
in the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.  We do have a
considerable amount of moisture and cloudiness stretched across the
Caribbean. Tropical Storm Barbara has been upgraded to a Category 1 Hurricane and
has made landfall in Mexico.  There is still no tropical development
expected in the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico for the next few days.. 

There was some model runs indicating it may
make it's way into the Bay of Campeche and possibly regenerate in the
Gulf.  Barbara is small, moving slowly and looks too weak to hold
together as it crosses Mexico.  If Barbara did make it across Mexico,
wind shear is pretty high over the Gulf of Mexico later this week and
would likely prevent the remnants of  Barbara from being able to
regenerate.  Although we will continue to monitor this area closely,
none of the reliable computer models is calling for tropical cyclone
development in the Atlantic during the next seven days.

Michelle Cunningham