Family reacts to investigation showing ambulance delay and failed alert system

Family reacts to investigation showing ambulance delay and failed alert system

By Julie Salomone. CREATED May 16, 2013

NAPLES, Fla.- Tonight the Minard family is speaking out for the first time since reviewing a Collier County Ems investigation that was kept from them for 6 months.

The report details what went wrong the day an ambulance was delayed in being dispatched to their home for their son who was struggling to survive. 

"I'm going to give you this, this is your copy," said Fox 4 reporter Julie Salomone as she handed the Minard family the internal investigation she tracked down.

"Thank you very much," replied the Minard family.

Charles Minard now has the investigation into his son's death. He begged county officials ever since his son's death in December to tell him what delayed an ambulance called to transport his 25-year-old son.

"Does this investigation give you any comfort, any insight into what happened?" asked reporter Julie Salomone.
"It just tells us what we already know, confirming what we've said all along." 
This is what the investigation shows the day the Minard family called 911 on December 14th. 
At 11:04am tones alerted EMS (Medic 42) of an emergency at the Minard's home. According to protocol, EMS had 2 minutes to respond letting dispatch know they're aware of an emergency, but that didn't happen.
Four minutes after the first set of tones went out, a second set of tones are sent at 11:08am and dispatch checks on the status of EMS. Turns out EMS did not receive the first notification and all 3 devices meant to alert crews of an emergency, failed. 
"They say their 800 mHz system failed. I say their people failed," said Charles Minard.
Each crew member has a portable radio. This investigation shows the EMS crew didn't hear the dispatch over the radio and it could have been for several reasons including station noise: the crew was vacuuming around that time.  
"That vacuum cleaner took precedence over my son's life."
The Minard family won't quit the fight. Earlier this week, Collier County Commissioners agreed to launch an internal investigation into the EMS system, but stopped short of getting the state involved.
"We're doing an internal investigation. Collier County is investigating themselves what a joke, I'm sending everything to the state."
The Minard family says they've lost their trust in the EMS system.  
"I'm hoping the state can help me regain my faith," said Minard.