FGCU coach and model wife talk about run to Sweet 16, how they met


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FGCU coach and model wife talk about run to Sweet 16, how they met

By Colleen Hogan. CREATED Mar 27, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla. - It's been a story book run to the Sweet 16 for the FGCU Eagles and almost as much attention has been given to the man behind the team's success.

Head coach Andy Enfield and his model wife, Amanda Marcum are talking about their home lives and their expectations for the team going forward.



Whether steaming it up in a sexy swimsuit on the cover of Maxim magazine or in the stands, Amanda Marcum is hard to miss. 

"In the modeling industry, she was so successful, flew all over the world,  she's done such a wide variety of modeling shoots, with blouses and jeans," Enfield said, before his wife jokingly cut him off. 

"And clothes, more clothes," she laughed.

"A lot of clothes," he continued. "But the only thing you see on the internet is the clothing and lingerie."


Marcum gave up the modeling gig to move to Tallahassee with Enfield when he was an assistant basketball coach with the Seminoles. She's now a stay-at-home mom to the couples three kids.

"My oldest daughter's focus is to get back and go to Target and buy a dinosaur from the $1 bin, because that was promised," Marcum said.

"I told her, if we won the first game, she could get a dinosaur and my other daughter would get a Barbie," Enfield said. "They hit me up after we won the first game, and then again after we won the second game."


The couple met ten years ago this weekend. It was an NCAA basketball game that brought them together.

"I was going up to Boston to see Oklahoma State play in the tournament," Marcum said. "And instead of flying, my friend I was going with knew Andy, and we found out he was driving. So we just bummed a ride and here we are."

"Did you make her pay for gas or anything like that?" A reporter asked Enfield.

"No, I was happy to pick that tab up," he laughed.


So when did the couple know big things were ahead for the team?

"I think it started the night when they won the Atlantic Sun tournament," Marcum said. "Mercer was so good and FGCU played incredible. When we realized we were going to win, it was just amazing."

"Then to beat Georgetown as a number two seed, seeing the men in the locker room after the game, and going to the Sweet 16, it's a surreal feeling because we didn't expect this," he said. "To see my family in the locker room after the game and see the smile on her face - it was really special."


Even more special? Another win over the San Diego State Aztecs, means a trip to Texas this week for the Sweet 16.

"People ask me, do I think we can win?" he said. "Well, ya I think we can win. I'm a head coach, I'm not gonna say no, I don't think we can win. We're gonna go there to win that game."

And you can bet. Marcum will be cheering him on from the stands.

Colleen Hogan, reporter