Success Of FGCU

Success Of FGCU

By Barry Miller. CREATED Mar 25, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla. - This is what the line looks like today at FGCU's book store and shall we say none of these people were hear to buy books.

The only education going on here was this school that has never before played in the NCAA tournament educating the entire nation about who it is.

President of FGCU Wilson Bradshaw says " I think this is the beginning not the end of the increase in interest.  i think it's going to mainfest itself in more applications for fgcu."

Some couldn't even wait to jump on the proverbial souvenir bandwagon. 

According to its own literature, of this university's 13,000 plus students.  99-percent come from florida, and sixty percent from Southwest Florida. 

Bradshaw tells FOX 4 "we anticipate because of the increased visability, that we're going to get more of these applications from outside southwest florida and we weclome those. but let me be really clear.  we were placed here primarly to meet the education needs of southwest florida."