Update: Naples man says EMS delay led to son's death


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Update: Naples man says EMS delay led to son's death

By Julie Salomone. CREATED Feb 26, 2013

NAPLES, Fla.- Four in Your Corner staying on top of a story about a Collier County father who lost his son last December.

Records show an ambulance waited six minutes before responding to the family's call because devices meant to notify the crew failed. 

On Tuesday, the Naples father went before Collier County Commissioners asking for answers. 

Charles Minard has been fighting for answers ever since his son died. Fox 4 has been looking into his concerns for weeks. Minard told commissioners about the EMS delay he says cost his son his life.

According to records, the dispatch did go through over the radio, but the crew didn't hear it. According to documents the crew was in separate areas of the station vacuuming at the time.

On Tuesday, Minard pleaded to county commissioners for accountability and answers. 

"They never responded to their ring tones and signals to rescue my son. We live 3 miles away from EMS," said Minard. 

Commissioner Georgia Hiller commented after Minard spoke. 
"We're working on EMS. It is a major issue and it is a matter of life or death," said Hiller.
Minard is not going to stop pushing for answers. He wants the county to turn over its internal investigation into what happened the night his family called 911.