Naples father protests county over EMS delay


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Naples father protests county over EMS delay

By Matt Grant. CREATED Feb 25, 2013

NAPLES, Fla. - A Naples father is continuing to fight for answers after an ambulance waited six minutes before leaving the station to help his dying son.

After pushing for answers from the county, Charles Minard is now taking his story to the streets.

Minard's 25-year-old son Chaz died back in December after going into cardiac arrest. A Fox 4 investigation found a medic crew got the dispatch but waited 5-6 minutes before leaving because the crew didn't hear their radios and their hand-held notification devices didn't work.

We also found that fail safes failed that day.

The county manager, and the sheriff's office promised to make changes to the system. But that isn't enough for Minard who feels the county is ducking responsibility.

On Friday he took to the streets with a sign and a megaphone to voice his concerns singling out County Manager Leo Ochs.

"My son died because Leo Ochs and his people wouldn't get off their butt and do their job," Minard yelled. "Stand up for your children. Stand up for your loved ones. Go to your county commissioners."

"Leo Ochs is a joke," his wife yelled.

Minard had a meeting with Ochs two weeks ago but says he wasn't satisfied with that meeting.

He plans to continue his crusade at Tuesday's county commission meeting where he will publicly address the board.

Matt Grant