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Collier ambulance delayed 40 minutes in 2010


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Collier ambulance delayed 40 minutes in 2010

By Matt Grant. CREATED Feb 14, 2013

NAPLES, Fla. - When your life is on the line you want to know the ambulance isn't wasting a second to get to you. But a Fox 4 investigation is finding that hasn't always been the case in Collier County.

We've been digging to get answers for a family who lost their son after EMS was delayed in responding because radios weren't working and the crew was vacuuming.

Chaz Minard, 25, was dying when his parents called 911 last December. Documents show Medic Station 42 was dispatched but never heard the call.

According to county policy, if an ambulance doesn't respond they should be contacted within two minutes. Documents show a supervisor on duty, Battalion Chief Bruce Gastineau, waited at least four minutes before checking in on the crew.

Fox 4 discovered Gastineau has overseen another ambulance delay in 2010.

We got our hands on his personnel file and discovered he was suspended for give days for overseeing a 40 minute ambulance delay - to a house that was only five minutes (2 miles) away from the station.

Documents show the crew had a hard time finding the house after their GPS malfunctioned. According to the report, Gastineau was aware the crew was lost and "took no action until later hearing the crew ask for more specific help" 15 minutes into their call.

An investigation found he "never directly communicated with the crew" afterwords and just asked them to fill out an incident report by email.

His discipline file shows he "failed to investigate or correct the cause of the delay, discipline the crew, record the event in his Daily Log or report the issue to administration."

The incident only came to light after an anonymous tip.

The county suspended an EMT, Daniel Goggin, and the driver, Jose Martinez, after the incident. According to the report, Martinez told investigators: "I still do not see where anything went wrong with the call."

Luckily, the 40 minute delay did not affect the patient.

The County Manager is investigating EMS' delay regarding the Dec. 14 call to the Minard's home. Chaz Minard died a week later in the hospital.

Matt Grant