Cape Coral student arrested for bringing gun to school


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Cape Coral student arrested for bringing gun to school

By Matt Grant. CREATED Feb 7, 2013 - UPDATED: Feb 7, 2013

CAPE CORAL - A 14-year-old Mariner Middle School student was arrested for bringing a .22 caliber handgun and a stun gun to school Wednesday.

Detectives arrested the Mariner Middle School student Wednesday and charged him with possession of a handgun on school property, which is a felony.

According to the arrest report, four students witnessed the student in possession of the handgun and Panther brand stun gun on the school bus.

"He said that he was having problems, his brother was having problems, with some people," said a father whose son was on the bus and relayed what happened. "And he was going to take care of it."

"What did he mean by that?," asked Fox 4 reporter Matt Grant.

"We don't know," said the parent, who didn't want to give his name. "Now we won't know. Thank God." 

The Lee County Sheriff's Office went to the home to investigate. The teen "admitted to bringing the firearm and the taser to school," according to the report.

Detectives found  the gun unloaded in a crib outside of his room.

The teen was taken to the juvenile assessment center for processing. The boy's step-father says the teen had been arrested "several times" in the last week and feels nothing is being done to get him help.

The step-dad pleaded that the boy be "held in secure detention" due to "continued violations of the law that are escalating in severity."

According to detectives, the teen was trying to show off and no threats were made. The parent tells us deputies told him the suspect broke into his parent's safe to get the gun.

"With everything going on today in society as far as weapons in schools," said Sgt. David Valez with the Lee County Sheriff's Office, "this could have been a situation where somebody could have been injured. We're very fortunate that didn't happen."

The Lee County School District's chief academic officer says he is disturbed by the allegations.

"We take all of these threats extremely seriously," said Alberto Rodriguez.

Fox 4 discovered parents weren't notified until the next day. Rodriguez says they wanted the sheriff's office to investigate first.

"We felt we needed to be a little further down the road," said Rodriguez. "In order to be able to notify the parents and not raise any fears that may not have been warranted or necessary."

"Any time a student has a weapon on school grounds," said Valez, "or any type of weapon, it is a serious matter. We take it very serious."

The parent we spoke with says students who turned in the suspect and reported what happened will receive a $75 reward. The sheriff's office confirms the suspect has been detained before but those records aren't public because he's a minor.

Depending on the outcome, the suspect could be expelled, according to the district.

Matt Grant