Safety questions raised after man uses Web site to lure teen


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Safety questions raised after man uses Web site to lure teen

By Matt Grant. CREATED Feb 4, 2013 - UPDATED: Feb 4, 2013

CAPE CORAL  - A Cape Coral man is accused of meeting an underage teen through a Web site, which allows people to send sexually oriented texts and phone messages to each other.

Dayne Wilson, 60, was arrested last month after police say he had a sexual relationship with an underage teen he met online.

"They have the ability to gain trust of your children," said Lt. Tony Sizemore with Cape Coral police, "and weave their way into their lives."

According to the arrest report, Wilson admitted meeting the boy through a "sexually oriented site that you can call on your cell phone" called Megaphone.

The two chatted via text, shared nude photographs and then met in person on several occasions to engage in sexual activity, according to the report.

Wilson told the boy he was 24.

A Fox 4 search couldn't find any information about a Web site called Megaphone. But we found a similar sounding site called Mega Mates.

The dating site promises users they can send messages for free when other dating lines charge by the minute and users can also accept chat invites at no cost.

A supervisor tells Fox 4 they require users to enter a birth date and click a button agreeing they are 18 or older.

"But how can you tell if someone's lying and saying they're over 18 when they really aren't," asked Fox 4 reporter Matt Grant, "if all they have to do is enter a birth date?"

We were told they have secret ways to detect if someone is a minor. When we pressed for clarification we were told somebody would call us back.

Nobody did.

"If someone lives under your roof and they're under the age of 18," said Lt. Sizemore, "you have a right to know what they're doing."

Sizemore recommends keeping a computer in a common area and keeping tabs on your kids' Internet search history.

There are also programs that will block certain Web sites.

"Be in their business," said Sizemore. "You have a right to do that, and frankly a responsibility, as a parent to know what's going on for their own protection."

Mega Mates says if they discover someone is underage they would be terminated from their site.

Wilson remains at the Lee County jail on $100,000 bond.

Matt Grant