Radio recording shows ambulance was notified in Collier EMS delay


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Radio recording shows ambulance was notified in Collier EMS delay

By Matt Grant. CREATED Feb 1, 2013

NAPLES - It's been nine days since Fox 4 first started asking questions on behalf of a distraught dad and there are still no answers about his dead son.

"I just want to know what happened to my son," said Charles Minard. "And why they couldn't be there when they needed to be. I don't think that's so much to ask."

Minard says it took an ambulance crew 12 minutes to get to his house while his son lay dying on Dec. 14. He says EMS officials admitted there was a "glitch" which they were investigating.

Fox 4 was promised answers by last Friday. A week later, EMS officials won't return our calls or emails. Officials have remained tight lipped about when they're investigation will wrap up or the details of what happened.

 So we are trying to piece together the information on our own. Fox 4 has filed a dozen public records requests with EMS and fire officials to find out how long the ambulance was delayed and why.

Minard told us previously that EMS officials said a nearby medic station, #42, had accidentally heard the call over the radio.

But we got our hands on the radio recordings. It shows the sheriff's office did notify a fire engine and Medic 42 at 11:04 a.m. Records show the engine arrived at 11:12 am.m but the ambulance, according to Minard, didn't arrive for 12 minutes.

"Medic 42 you are dispatched," a dispatcher is heard saying.

"Who's the medic unit responding to Coral Wood [Drive]?," asked Engine 71. "It's going to be Medic 42" the dispatcher responded.

Medic 42 is 3.5 miles, or six minutes if yous top for traffic lights, away from the Minard's house. So why did it take them upwards of 12 minutes, as the family says, to arrive? 

It's questions Minard wants answered.

"I have a dead son," Minard told us this week, "and no answers."