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Rep. Trey Radel calls for accountability in Collier ambulance delay

Rep. Trey Radel calls for accountability in Collier ambulance delay

By Matt Grant. CREATED Jan 31, 2013

NAPLES - It's been five days since Collier County EMS officials promised a Naples family answers about why an ambulance was never dispatched for their dying son.

Now, the family is taking their concerns to Rep. Trey Radel, who represents southwest Florida in Congress.

A month and a half ago, Chaz Minard, 25, went into cardiac arrest. The family called 911 and despite being told an ambulance was on its way, the Minard's say EMS officials admitted an ambulance was never dispatched due to a "glitch."

It was only by chance, they said, that a nearby medic station heard the call and arrived 12 minutes after the 911 call was made. The family says Chaz was stretchered into the ambulance 25 minutes after placing the initial call.

Last week, EMS officials told Fox 4 their investigation into what went wrong would be finished by Friday. The family says they were told that date was pushed to Wednesday. There is still no word for the county.

Fox 4 called and emailed Collier County Chief Walter Kopka Tuesday and Wednesday but our calls were not returned.

After feeling like the county was giving him the "run around," Charles Minard attended Radel's town hall in Naples and made a passionate please for help.

"I can't get EMS to answer why it took 12 minutes to show up at my house while my son was dying," said Minard.

"As a father I can't imagine the heartache that you're going through," said Radel. "I feel for you. I will do whatever I can, even if this is a local and county issue, I still will do whatever I can to try and push the needle to make sure that you find the answers that you're looking for and that there's some sort of accountability."

Minard says he's going to keep fighting for his son who he believes would still be alive if EMS had gotten to his home sooner.
Matt Grant