Gun store owner reacts to calls for tougher gun laws


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Gun store owner reacts to calls for tougher gun laws

By Matt Grant. CREATED Jan 16, 2013

FORT MYERS - The owner of Guns on 41 says legislation to restrict certain types of guns will most likely happen even though he thinks it goes too far.

In five and a half years of business, Travis Brunson says business has never been better.

"The phone [has been] ringing off the hook," said Brunson. "I can barely pick up."

Brunson says customers are "panicked" lawmakers will soon make assault style weapons illegal.

"Do you see a return to the assault weapons ban?," asked Fox 4 reporter Matt Grant.

"That wouldn't surprise me at all," said Brunson. "I think that's probably going to happen."

In fact, it's already happened in New York, which Brunson calls "extreme." Lawmakers there also made it illegal for gun magazines to hold more than seven rounds.

Fox 4 asked Brunson why someone would need 30 bullets instead of seven.

"If there's 30 targets they want to shoot at," said Brunsin. "Now, obviously, that's a tragedy in the event of a crazy person. But police and military are issued large capacity magazines and they're entrusted with them.

Brunson says he doesn't support putting restrictions on the number of magazine rounds, calling it an inconvenience for hunters that violates the Second Amendment.

"Some of the restrictions on magazines and certain types of weapons," said Brunson, "I think is really going to encounter some kind of push back."

Supporters of tougher gun laws point to recent mass shootings and say if the Newtown shooter had fewer rounds, for example, lives could have been saved.

"I doubt it," said Brunson. "Because there was nobody taking care of that guy anyway. Until he took care of himself."

According to Brunson, if there was a return to an assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004, current gun owners would be "grandfathered" in.

"If you own it currently," said Brunson, "it would be yours."

 Which is why he says customers are stocking up. Despite his disagreements on the gun control measures, there is one thing he agrees with the president on.

"I think background checks are definitely going to tighten up especially at gun shows and private transactions," said Brunson. "And that's something I'm actually in support of."

Brunson says there are guns he can't even get for his store because manufacturers have raised their prices in anticipation of new gun legislation.

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