Parent stands by daughter's Nicaea abuse allegation


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Parent stands by daughter's Nicaea abuse allegation

By Matt Grant. CREATED Jan 7, 2013 - UPDATED: Jan 8, 2013

CAPE CORAL - Theresa Hill was so disturbed by her daughter's allegations that she withdrew her from the Nicaea Academy and moved to Tampa.

The Department of Children and Families wrapped up their investigation into the Nicaea Academy. The state found no evidence of physical or sexual abuse at the Cape Coral Christian daycare.

The investigation was prompted by complaints from three parents, including Hill.

Hill's 3-year-old daughter Anna told her she was touched in her "no-no" spot at the school. Since then, Hill says Anna has been having nightmares. She believes another student touched her inappropriately inside a tent set up in the classroom.

According to the DCF report, the tent was taken down after the allegations was brought forward. The daycare also immediately contacted an abuse hotline, according to the DCF report.

DCF concluded there was no evidence of any physical or sexual abuse and called the allegations "unsubstantiated."

"We didn't find any of the allegations substantiated," said DCF spokeswoman Terri Durdaller. 


Reached by phone from Tampa, Hill says she stands by her daughter's claims.

"I know that something was going on," said Hill. "There isn't a doubt in my mind because a 3-year-old who is sheltered and loved and nurtured, who only sees the most pure form of things on television, they don't make that up. Something happened there."

The Nicaea Academy was slapped with a written warnings for lack of supervision and another for creating a "serious safety hazard" by allowing a broken window to be propped open with a broomstick handle and a block.

A girl broke her finger when she removed the block and the window came crashing down.

An attorney representing the daycare called the incident an "unfortunate accident."

Matt Grant