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Small business owner watch fiscal cliff talks


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Small business owner watch fiscal cliff talks

By Andre Senior. CREATED Jan 1, 2013

NAPLES - John Stewart brings a taste of the "Windy City" to Naples with his restaurant, Sweet Home Chicago Pub and Grub along US 41.

"We serve a variety of salads, sandwiches, pastas we also have pizza."
But cooking and customer service is not the only thing on his mind lately. 
"I don't know why our congressional leaders have to wait 'till the last minute to try to solve problems."
Stewart has become frustrated with congress for not extending the payroll tax holiday, which now results in Americans paying more to Social Security every month.
"For of our employees, their payroll tax for social security contributions is going to go up two points."
Social Security payroll tax rate is now expected to revert from 4.2% to 6.2%, meaning someone earning $30,000 losing $50 from their monthly paycheck.
Only time will tell that the move will mean for Stewart's restaurant, but he says there likely will not some sort of impact for who come to his establishment.
"So they are going to have less money in their pockets to be able to come in and order something at our restaurant."