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AR-15's sold out, gun prices could go up


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AR-15's sold out, gun prices could go up

By Matt Grant. CREATED Dec 26, 2012

FORT MYERS - Gun prices could be going up.

With talk of stricter gun laws, many stores are selling out of assault style weapons. In some states, gun prices are up 25-50 percent in a spike fueled by fear that certain types of guns will soon be illegal.

At Fowler Firearms in Fort Myers, Cheryl Keeler is buying her second gun, a Glock. The type she wants is hard to find right now, she said.

"I was lucky enough to find one today," said Keeler. "And thought I'd go for it."

Since the Newtown shooting that killed 26 people, including 20 young children, the number of people interested in concealed weapons classes jumped 25-30 percent at the Fort Myers gun shop, the manager said.

The shop has seen a run on guns in the past few days.

"You can't get half the things you need at the moment," said manager Jon Dezendorf. "It's all bought up. Everything's bought up at the moment."

Behind the counter, the display wall is empty. A sign on the wall tells customers they are sold out of AK's and AR-15's.

The AR-15, used for target practice or hunting, is the same assault style weapon used in the killing of two upstate New York firefighters along with the massacres in Newtown and Aurora.

The rush to buy seems to be fueled by fears Congress may ban such weapons.

"I can't say exactly how much the going to have an effect on the gun price itself," said Dezendorf. "I just know the demand itself it's very hard to get at the moment."

Gun manufacturers could also be raising their rates at the beginning of the year to adjust for the price of materials, said Dezendorf. That would force local stores to raise their prices too.

"Obviously," he said, "I'd have to raise my price as well."

And that's why some gun owners, like Tony Gilmore, an NRA member, are stocking up afraid certain weapons will wind up in Washington's cross-hairs.

"They've always tried to outlaw everything they can," said Gilmore. "They would outlaw slingshots if they had a chance."

"If a person wants to own a high-powered rifle," he said, "it's their God given right."

President Obama has launched a task force that's looking into the idea of restricting the sale of assault style weapons. Since then, some gun dealers have said the price of those weapons have doubled.

Matt Grant