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NRA responds after Newtown


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NRA responds after Newtown

By John Rupolo. CREATED Dec 21, 2012

 SWFL REACTION - The sound of bells in Newtown Connecticut.  One week ago a long gunman opened fire at Sandy Hook killing 20 precious young lives and six adults.

Just an hour later the NRA holding a news conference.  The organizations first public comment following the massacre.  The NRA dismissed calls for more gun control and instead pushed for congress to fund armed guards inside every school building in the nation.

"Our children, our society leave them everyday defenseless," said the NRA.

Mike Riley is the spokesperson for the Charlotte County school district and says they already have armed security officers in most of their school buildings and would be in favor of the NRA's proposal.

As many push for a ban on assualt rifles - The NRA Friday blamed gun violence in America on violent entertainment, The NRA blamed gun violence in the nation on violent entertainment such as video games and the media.