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Fox 4 requests supervisor of elections' vacation time

Fox 4 requests supervisor of elections' vacation time

By Gabrielle Sarann. CREATED Dec 12, 2012

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Fox 4 requested Lee County Supervisor of Elections Sharon Harrington's vacation time. She gave us copies of her hand-written desk calendar, as proof of when she was in the office.

The calendar is marked "Vaca" for each vacation day. Arrows point to when she'll be back.  

"Do you think that's an adequate way to keep record of time worked?," asked Fox 4 reporter Gabrielle Sarann to Sharon Harrington. "As long as i'm not required to fill anything out, it's fine," she replied.
But Rick Modesitt one of the many Lee County voters saw Harrington's office mismanage overseeing Election Day. He says she's the last person who should be allowed to oversee herself, much less with a handwritten system.
"I keep track of my personal stuff on electronics and i think public officials ought to do the same thing," said Modesitt, of Cape Coral, who says he waited in line to vote for 2.5 hours with his 95-year-old mother in a wheelchair.
"I have nothing to hide," added Harrington.
According to her handwritten records, she took 13 vacation days in 2011 and three before November 6 this year.
"How do you know it's accurate?," asked Sarann. "There's no inaccuracy," replied Harrington.
But voters like Modesitt won't take her word for it considering she inaccurately estimated what was needed on Election Day.
"It was a bad situation all the way around for Lee County," reflected Modesitt.
Harrington, who's promised to do better with the next election, says she's willing to admit her mistakes. And if anyone questions how she keeps track of her time off, she's all ears.
"Do you think anyone other than yourself should be keeping track of your time?," asked Sarann to Harrington. "If they want to," she replied. "I don't know if the commissioners would want to do that or at the state level, the division of elections require that, I would have no problem with it."
Fox 4 also reached out to county commissioners and state election officials. They say they don't oversee Harrington's office, which means she can run it the way she chooses.