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Collier County deputy fired for turning off in-car camera system

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Collier County deputy fired for turning off in-car camera system

By FOX 4 Staff. CREATED Dec 3, 2012

NAPLES, Fla. - The Collier County Sheriff's Office fired a deputy following a misconduct investigation involving the in-car camera system in his patrol car.

Corporal Michael Skala turned off in-car camera system in his patrol car, not once, but twice in situations involving serious incidents.

The first time involved Skala transporting Samuel Carrillo on October 30, 2011.  Carrillo escaped from custody and was struck by and killed by another vehicle.  Investigators determined that Skala had intentionally deactivated his in-car camera recording system.

Skala was given a warning and reminded that deputies had received an email in August 2011 related to making sure in-car recording systems are working at all times.

Then on December 12, 2011 Skala was responding to a call about a crash when he collided with the overturned vehicle.  A review of the in-car recording system in Skala's patrol car showed the recording system had been deactivated during his response to the crash.

During the course of the investigation into Skala's handling of the in-car camera recording system he denied any wrongdoing. 

Skala was fired for lying, failing to comply with orders and for failing to perform his work.

His formal dismissal happened on October 12, 2012.