Dunn convicted of killing wife at Cape Coral daycare

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Dunn convicted of killing wife at Cape Coral daycare

By John Rinkenbaugh. CREATED Nov 27, 2012 - UPDATED: Nov 27, 2012

FORT MYERS, Fla. - A Lee County jury returned a guilty verdict against Robert Dunn for the 2008 murder of Christine Dunn.

Dunn walked into a daycare center where he shot and killed his wife in front of staffers and children.

The jury found Dunn guilty of first degree murder, burglary and child abuse.  The conviction carries with it the possibility of a death sentence.

Dunn is going to represent himself during penalty phase. That will begin Monday Dec 3 at 9am.


After five days of testimony, 14 witnesses and three hours of deliberations, the jury deciding the case against Robert Dunn reached its verdict. 

“The defendant is guilty of first degree murder.”  As the 48 year old sits in court, the jury found him guilty on all counts related to the death of his estranged wife christine dunn- burglary, child abuse and murder. 

“I want to thank you for your time and consideration of the case,” Judge Steinbeck says.

After hearing the decision come down, Christine Dunn's father said justice is bittersweet. 

“It brings us some closure though there's more to come down the road for us, but definitely brings a little more closure.” Thomas Lozier says.

It was a trial that received a lot of publicity. District attorneys pinning their case on the gun they say Dunn bought at Larry's pawn shop. And eyewitness testimony describing Dunn the day his wife was shot.  

But the defense claimed not enough evidence proved Dunn was the suspect responsible for this crime scene at Bobbie Noonan's child care five years ago.  

“Well we are a little disappointed with the verdict but we're understanding how the jury came to that conclusion.” Defense attorney David Brener says.