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Governor Rick Scott volunteers at a Naples homeless shelter

Governor Rick Scott volunteers at a Naples homeless shelter

By Julie Salomone. CREATED Nov 22, 2012 - UPDATED: Nov 23, 2012

NAPLES, Fla.- The St. Matthew's House prepares to feed a thousand people on Thanksgiving at its shelter in Naples. Volunteers include Florida's Governor Rick Scott and a former shelter resident who helped put food on the table.

Mateo El-Mattary is giving back to the homeless shelter. He once lived at the shelter for 5 months after losing his home to the sluggish economy.

"I had no place to go. I was drained psychologically and emotionally," said Mateo.

Now he's back on his feet and found a job at a local restaurant and on Thanksgiving he's volunteering at the shelter and returning the favor.

"Any occasion any event I'm called upon I come here go in the kitchen and volunteer," Mateo.

Other volunteers include the Florida's Governor Rick Scott and his wife Ann. The Governor tells me he has a family member who suffers from manic depression so he's thankful for organizations like St. Matthew's House.

"He has issues that cause him difficulty supporting himself always appreciative of organizations like the St. Matthew's House," said Governor Rick Scott.

Governor Scott is helping with food preparations. The shelter is ready to feed up to a thousand people.

So what is he thankful for this holiday? He tells me he's fortunate his mom lived to be 84 years old. She just passed away last week.

"All the fun, we had alot of fun on the campaign trail," said Scott.

On the Governor's Facebook page he adds, "I am grateful to have had such an inspirational and loving mother."

As for Mateo back in the shelter's kitchen, he tells Fox he is grateful he is giving back to a shelter that welcomed him with open arms and open hearts.

Governor Scott served meals at the shelter last year. This is the second year he has volunteered at the shelter.