Solving the UFO mystery

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Solving the UFO mystery

By Kelli Stegeman. CREATED Nov 16, 2012 - UPDATED: Nov 16, 2012

FORT MYERS, Fla. - The UFO theories in Florida continue to take off. Almost a month-long investigation is just beginning to answer the question so many of you want to know.

Just what was seen in the Cape Coral skies over the weekend?

MUFON, the worldwide Mutual UFO Network is investigating. But before you get excited about a close encounter of the 3rd kind, you may want to put the breaks on those lofty ideas. 

Building inspector by day, UFO Investigator by night

"This subject is extraordinarily serious," said Morgan Beall. The director of Florida's MUFON chapter. "So much so that it makes grown men cry."

Beall is on the case of the suspicous skies over Cape Coral.

"The process is scientific or in another case, sort of how law enforcement treats forensic science," he said.

Last weekend at the Coconut Festival, many people say they saw what looks like UFOs in the sky. While there are many theories floating about, Beall has an idea of what it could be. 

"From just looking at the video right off the bat, and again this is totally an opinion, nothing based off of the investigation," Beall said. "The descriptions sound like a sky lantern... When they start moving in another direction faster that could be indicitave of winds."

And to explain their sudden disappearance? Simply, the flame ran its course. But Beall is not ruling anything out. 

"In the video submitted to FOX," he said. "The one light in the middle looked like a sky lantern, but then you have these 2 oblong shaped dim lights on either side and it did seem a little strange."

Now he will use his heavy duty equipment to try to explain the seemingly unexplainable. 

"Collecting the data, collecting the witness testimonites, any evidence, photo, video," said Beall. "Tto try to figure out and analyze and also contact different law enforcement agencies, military agencies, even civilian agencies."

We will of course let you know how that investigation turns out.