Corey Kent 'honored' to have served, 'awe-inspired' by fellow soldiers


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Corey Kent 'honored' to have served, 'awe-inspired' by fellow soldiers

By Matt Grant. CREATED Nov 12, 2012

CAPE CORAL - Cape Coral soldier Pfc. Corey Kent, who had his legs and fingers blown off in an IED attack in Afghanistan two years ago, says his fellow soldiers are "awe-inspiring."

Kent spent Veterans Day rehabbing in Washington D.C. Speaking to Fox 4 via Skype, he thanked everyone at home for their support and continued well-wishes.

On this day, he says his thoughts are with the people who serve our country.

"This being Veterans Day, I just think about the guys that I've served with, the guys that have served before me. It's awe-inspiring," said Kent. "To think what a small percentage of the population has served and being a part of that I'm honored."

Kent says he is doing well and is looking forward to coming home for good sometime in the first couple months of 2013.

Matt Grant