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Disney "explorer" warns others not to trespass into off-limit areas


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Disney "explorer" warns others not to trespass into off-limit areas

By Matt Grant. CREATED Nov 11, 2012

ORLANDO - The same person who bragged to Fox 4 about sneaking into off-limits parts of Walt Disney World in Orlando for over a decade, and hoped others would do the same, now seems to be expressing feelings of guilt. 

"Leonard Kinsey," which is a fictitious name, says his love of Disney drove him to want to peel back the curtain and sneak into employee-only areas of the park.

Before our story aired, Kinsey announced in a YouTube video that he was "retiring" from backstage exploring.

"I know a lot of people were really unhappy with the last video I posted and I took it down," said Kinsey, referencing an unauthorized tour he gave to more than a dozen people.

The video shows Kinsey, pretending to be a tour guide, leading a group of people into backstage areas of the park.

An Orlando attorney who watched Kinsey's videos says he broke the law and could have been arrested for trespassing.   

"I just want to remind everyone that I'm retired from backstage exploring," said Kinsey. "So not only will I not be going backstage unauthorized anymore but there also won't be anymore unauthorized backstage videos."

He also gave a warning to others.

"I do not recommend that anyone else go backstage unauthorized," said Kinsey. "You could get caught. You could get banned for life. You could get arrested. You could get hurt. There's some dangerous things back there. So, I really don't suggest anyone else go back there."

Kinsey, who wrote an underground guide called "The Darkside of Disney" offered an "olive branch" to Disney by auctioning off a pair of glasses he used to disguise his face in previous online videos.

The proceeds, he says, will go to charity. 

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