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Neighbors sound off on upside down US flag in re-election protest

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Neighbors sound off on upside down US flag in re-election protest

By FOX 4. CREATED Nov 9, 2012


CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Two days after we showed you the upside down flag in Don Zehnder's front yard.  People are still reacting to it and the flag is still flying.

“I'm going to try to fly it until Veterans Day and then I'll fly the flag at half mast for Veterans Day, not upside down.” Zehnder said.

But he's not the only one showing his political point of view.  The sign outside of Lee Crowther's business on Metro Ave is known for the political views flashing across the screen.

The new one? R.I.P. freedom. 

“It went up the night after the election. We're displeased with the results.” Crowther said.

But how far is too far?  If anyone knows the sacrifices for freedom, it's veterans. 

I went to a VFW in Fort Myers to see how they felt. 

I met Joe and Michael Kosinski, father and son, who both served overseas in the military. Joe in Korea and Michael in Iraq. 

FOX 4 asks: “What do you think about the freedom of expression that these people are using?”

"Freedom of expression, that's what we fought for. So, more power to them if they want to do that, if they want to turn the flag upside down, that's fine. But it kind of upsets me…just downplaying the American spirit." Joe said.

'It’s not the end of the world if one person or the other gets elected. I mean, life will move on." Michael said.

That's exactly what Don plans to do.

“You move on. You have to stand behind your country and do what you can.” Zehnder said.