Connie Mack makes final campaign push in Naples

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Connie Mack makes final campaign push in Naples

CREATED Nov 5, 2012
NAPLES - Despite a new poll showing Congressman Connie Mack at a disadvantage against incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson, the Congressman is showing a lot of confidence heading into the election.
"It's been a great trip, we're gonna win on Election Day," said Mack. And we're excited.”
Mack wrapped up his statewide bus tour Monday, rolling into Naples for one last campaign stop.
"This is the most important election of our lifetime," Mack told dozens of supporters.
Joining Mack at the rally were his parents and conservative political newcomer Trey Radel, who is running for Mack's old Congressional seat. 
"Tomorrow is more than a campaign, it's more than Republican and Democrat," said Radel, "it's the future of this country." 
With supporters holding signs, and chanting "Connie, Connie," and "One More Day" referring to the election, Mack and Radel were preaching to the conservative choir.  
But a Tampa Bay Times/Bay News 9 poll released Monday shows Nelson leading Mack by six points with one in nine Republicans supporting him ahead of the election.

According to the poll, Nelson leads Mack 49-43.

"That poll is incorrect," said Mack. "They've got an oversample of seven percent Democrats. So when you even that poll out we're ahead. We're going to beat Sen. Nelson on Election Day."

At his campaign rally, Mack urged his supporters to find 10 other people to go to the polls. He predicts he'll win by two points.
"Make sure that we get people out to the polls," Mack said about his Election Day plans. "That's it, then we wait."
In a statement, Nelson says he's not taking anything for granted and will continue to campaign hard across the state.
"Every recent poll has Sen. Nelson leading anywhere from six points to a margin 13," a campaign spokesman said. "But we're not taking anything for granted. The only poll that counts is the one on Election Day."
Matt Grant