Lee school board still split over school choice


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Lee school board still split over school choice

By Matt Grant. CREATED Oct 26, 2012

FORT MYERS - Thee Lee County School Board is still divided when it comes to school choice versus neighborhood schools.

The issue was at the center of a $118,000 community survey that found parents were split and students overwhelmingly favored choice. It has also been a hot-button issue in this year's school board election.

Fox 4 caught up with board member Don Armstrong, who favors neighborhood schools for elementary students and would consider supporting it for middle school students as well.

"Most of the curriculum in elementary's all the same, same programs," said Armstrong. "So I think it would be worthwhile to look into. Plus, it would save us a lot of money in transportation."

But board member Mary Fischer feels that's not going to happen.

"I don't personally see that ever happening," said Fischer. "Because it wouldn't work. Replicating the programs that we have that are in high demand would be impossible."

Last year, the board approved a choice compromise giving elementary and middle school students first dibs on schools that are within two miles of their house. Students who live within five miles get second preference.

 Matt Grant