Did Hawes Get a Perk?

Did Hawes Get a Perk?

By John Rupolo. CREATED Oct 25, 2012

LEE COUNTY - It was Commissioner Tammy Hall who began raising questions about that extra 22 thousand dollars County Manager Karen Hawes received in her seperation deal with the County.

"If it's part of the severance I have no problem," said Hall.

Hall wants to know if the 22 thousand so called deferred compensation payment listed in Hawes's seperation agreement was guaranteed to her in her original 2009 contract. Deputy Attorney Andrea Fraser said it was. 

According to Commissioner John Manning, the 22 thousand dollar deferred compensation figure was negotiated by himself, by Hawes, her private attorney, Deputy County Attorney Andrea Fraser and was rightfully part of her seperation agreement.  Commissioner Brian Bigelow thinks differently.

"To be quite honest with you, I just think it's a way to fluff the number so she can get it as high as possible," said Bigelow.

Commissioner Manning wouldn't go on camera with us but we wanted further clarification on why this 22 thousand dollar perk was given to Hawes.  We began to look for answers at the County Attorney's office.

A meeting was going on, they waved at us and shut the blinds and then we tried to get answers from County Manager Karen Hawes and we never heard back.