Did Hawes Get More Money To Leave?

Did Hawes Get More Money To Leave?

By John Rupolo. CREATED Oct 24, 2012

LEE COUNTY - It was never announced publicly at Tuesday's Lee County Commission meeting that County Manager Karen Hawes would receive an extra 22 thousand dollars in her seperation deal.  In an email to the Deputy County Attorney, Hall writes,

"After discovering today that we are including more than is required in the County Manager's severance portion of her contract, I will not be able to support this seperation agreement."

"If it's part of the severance, I won't have a problem with it," said Hall.

In fact at Tuesday's Commissioners meeting Hall asked outright if this extra 22 thousand dollars in addition to the 170 thousand dollar yearly salary and other benefits Hawes will receive, was part of her seperation agreement. 

But Hall wants clarification on whether this extra money was authorized as part of her employement contract or negotiated in the last few weeks as a perk.

"When these things are negotiated behind the scenes then we just come to the public with a vote I don't think that's transparent," said Hall.\

We tried to talk to the County Attorney's office but no one would talk.