Object found in bag of Walmart chips identified

Object found in bag of Walmart chips identified

By John Rupolo. CREATED Oct 10, 2012 - UPDATED: Oct 10, 2012

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - It all started in late September when Susan McArthur of Cape Coral picked up this bag of tortilla chips from the Skyline Boulevard Walmart.

But something didn't feel, the bag was heavy and appeared to have a mass of some sort inside so she had her son videotape herself opening the bag.

Susan called Walmart and the FDA after finding this and for weeks she really wasn't quite sure what it was but had some guesses.

"It could be something off the machine that made its way in the bag that looks like chicken," said McArthur.

The FDA sent a field representative to her home.

"They came to the house, took a sworn statement, took pictures of the product and all that and after that they went to the store and talked to the manager," said McArthur.

But late today, Susan heard from Walmart it appears that solid mass has been identified.  In an email sent to us they said,

"The mass was a large piece of corn dough that had been covered in Ranch spices and ingredients used in the process of making the chips.  While there were no food safety concerns associated with this finding, it does not meet your quality expectations and this is being addressed with our supplier."

We also called the FDA.

They tell us they have no comment while their own investigation continues in this matter.  But Susan says she's pleased she now knows what was inside the bag of chips. She says she made this all public for one reason.

"The only thing I wanted was to let people know what was found in the bag and there could be a risk for cross contamination - that was my worry, that was it.