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Ann Romney visits cancer patients in Fort Myers


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Ann Romney visits cancer patients in Fort Myers

By FOX 4. CREATED Sep 13, 2012

FORT MYERS, Fla. - A major surprise happened for patients at Lee Memorial Health Systems, Regional Cancer Center.  

A familiar face drops in to say hello, but not before a slew of secret service agents scour every inch of the facility.

While it looks like business as usual here at the Regional Cancer Center in Fort Myers, behind the scenes it's been chaos.

Sharon MacDonald, the VP of Oncology, says more than 30 secret service agents and their dogs, have scoured every inch of the facility in anticipation of Ann Romney’s arrival.
“We only got the notice about 2 days ago that Mrs. Romney wanted to do a tour,” MacDonald says.
The moment Ann arrived, she had an agenda.
Cancer treatments are something ann romney is no stranger too.  Having been diagnosed with both breast cancer and multiple sclerosis, Romney's had her fair share of health battles, which is perhaps why these patients are so drawn to her.
Janet Howe was diagnosed a year ago with ovarian cancer
Janet says the one thing that she and Mrs. Romney bonded over, was not the talk of their cancer, but what comes with it.
“It’s not just the cancer, it’s laying there at night thinking , ‘Am I going to make it, am I going to make it, please let me make it.’” Janet said.
For Janet and so many others who spoke with Mrs. Romney during her tour today, their take away was all the same.
She put a smile and I got excited.  I do like them both very much, and I just wanted to meet her, wanted to see what she was like and I wasn’t disappointed.” Janet said.