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Boy sent to detention after fracturing collar bone


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Boy sent to detention after fracturing collar bone

By Matt Grant. CREATED Sep 13, 2012 - UPDATED: Sep 13, 2012

CAPE CORAL -  A Cape Coral mom is outraged after her 12-year-old son fractured his collar bone at school and instead of being sent to the hospital he was sent to detention.  

With his arm in a sling, Mariner Middle School student Michael Murray is recovering after being slammed to the ground by another student Wednesday.

Michael says he was poking another student in the back of the head, trying to get his attention, when he was assaulted.

"He picked me up and then threw me into the grass," said Michael. "My arm snapped backwards and I hit my head on the ground."

After hitting the ground, Michael went to the nurse's office.

"She just pulled down my sleeves, said it was something minor, and then dismissed me to my guidance counselor," said Michael. 

Michael says he was given an ice pack and sent to detention for the scuffle. He spent the rest of the school day suffering in pain.

"I feel like they didn't do anything actually" to help," said Michael. "Just a quick diagnosis and dismissed."

Michael's mom, Mary Escobar, found out about his injury when she picked him up later that day.

"He was in pain," said Escobar. "He was in tears."

She took Michael to Lee Memorial Hospital's emergency room. Medical records show he fractured his clavicle.

Escobar says he will have to wear a sling for six to eight weeks.

On Thursday, Escobar stopped by Mariner Middle to ask why she never got a call about her son's injury. She says school officials told her they tried calling her but did not have her new phone number. They told her Michael never submitted his emergency contact list.

"If they didn't get a hold of me," said Escobar, "they could have contacted an ambulance."

She says Mariner has her daughter's emergency contacts on file and believes they could have done more than just give her son an ice pack and tell him his injury was "minor."

"Does this sound like something minor?," asked Fox 4 reporter Matt Grant.

"No," said Michael. "Not at all."

Fox 4 tried calling the Lee County School District several times throughout the day bit didn't hear back.

Escobar says she's considering suing the district for her son's medical expenses.

Matt Grant