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Veteran monitored by covert camera transferred out of Tampa VA


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Veteran monitored by covert camera transferred out of Tampa VA

By Matt Grant. CREATED Sep 13, 2012

TAMPA - An 80-year-old brain damaged veteran who was monitored by covert cameras at the Tampa VA Hospital has been transferred to another VA hospital in Atlanta.

Fox 4 has been digging into the case since July, which has sparked a Congressional investigation.

Last year, Carnegie was taken to the Tampa VA where he suffered brain damage under their watch. The family claimed negligence and the hospital apologized.

A few months ago the Carnegie's found a covert camera hidden inside a smoke detector in the room which the family says they never approved or knew about.

That touched off a firestorm of controversy and sparked an ongoing Congressional investigation into the VA's use of hidden cameras.

The family says the Tampa VA retaliated against them after they spoke out to Fox 4 about conditions there. Because of that, they requested Carnegie be transferred to the Atlanta VA so he would be closer to their home.

Carnegie was transferred Monday morning.

Carnegie's daughter, Natalie, told Fox 4 Wednesday by phone that the Georgia facility "rolled out the red carpet" for them and describes it as a "night and day difference."

She and her husband can stay with Carnegie inside his room around the clock.

Matt Grant