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Bank claims bus driver owes them $888K on account

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Bank claims bus driver owes them $888K on account

By FOX 4. CREATED Sep 12, 2012
UPDATE: A Cape Coral father of four is getting his money back after Fox 4 stepped in.

"I feel so happy," said Phil Desir. "And I will say thank you to Fox 4."

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CAPE CORAL, Fla. - At Phil Desir's home he does his own dishes.  Not exactly what you'd expect if he had nearly $1 million in his bank account.
So you can imagine his shock when the Cape Coral bus driver and father of four, making $14,000 a year, looked at his bank statement and saw he owed a whopping $888,888.88. Money he says he never had or spent.

“I said ‘Wow where's the money coming from?," said Desir. "Where is this money coming from?’...Very bizarre, unbelievable.”

Desir opened a Bank Of America checking account on August 29 with a $25 deposit, according to bank records.

The next day, on Aug. 30, the bank put a hold on his account saying his account was negative $888,888.88.
Desir found out about the mistake when he went to buy medicine for his injured leg. He says a $300 dollar paycheck had just been deposited into his account.  
“Then the card was declined," he said. "I said ‘What’s going on because I know for sure that I have the money?’” 
It turns out Bank of America took his paycheck to pay down that staggering $888,888 sum. Desir says the bank gave him no explanation when he asked about the mysterious debt, and charged him a $40 "research" fee to look into the matter.
“They should stop doing this to people,” Desir said.
Fox 4 reached out to Bank of America. In a statement a spokeswoman tell us: "Due to customer confidentiality, we cannot discuss customer accounts. We are working with our customer to resolve this issue."
But Desir told Fox 4 late Wednesday that no one from Bank Of America has contacted him, leaving him penniless as he struggles with medical issues.
“I need it not only to buy the medicine," said Desir. "But I have to go to the doctor.”
Matt Grant