Gov. Scott's Listening Tour stops in Fort Myers


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Gov. Scott's Listening Tour stops in Fort Myers

By FOX 4. CREATED Sep 12, 2012

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Governor Rick Scott heads back to class to get insight from southwest Florida teachers.

“I've been listening to teachers, principals, and parents since I became governor,” Gov. Scott said.
"Listening" is the theme of the governor's trip to Lexington Middle School in Fort Myers. The visit is part of his state-wide "Listening Tour," meeting with teachers, parents and students to talk about improvements to the state's educational system. 
“Children need to be ready for either a career or college. and everything we do, is how do we do that,” Scott said.
Teacher Lynn Randolph says a major issue that needs to be addressed is the FCATs, particularly the testing cap, which she says does not fully give parents or teachers a sense of where a student is academically.
 "You can only reach what we call an achievement level five.  And I have many many student who reach that cape every single year, so they are not able to show growth,” Randolph said.
So she's telling the governor it's time for that cap to go.
"so if you have a student who was performing at a second or third grade level, that was reflected. If you have a student who's performing at a high school or college level, it's reflected and you can actually see where they really are,rather than where the test puts them," Randolph said.
The governor addressed that issue, saying the state is working on a new testing system for the 2014 school year. 
“It'll give us a better assessment of how someone's doing, so we'll make sure we're not teach ing to a test,” Scott said.
A reassuring plan, but it's something teachers in southwest Florida need to see become a reality.
“I really think that they listened to our concerns and I think that they are hopefully going to do something about it.”