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Hurricane season reaches its peak

Hurricane frequency infographic

Hurricane season reaches its peak

By FOX 4. CREATED Sep 10, 2012

Bringing you good news from the weather department.

With two official tropical systems in the Atlantic, and one additional depression likely forming, it should come as no surprise that statistically, this is the height of Hurricane Season.  Additionally, that means by the end of the week, we are officially entering the downside of Hurricane Season.  

Also adding to optimism is the fact that NOAA, in a report issued Monday, believes that El Nino conditions will develop this month, acting as a inhibiting factor to Atlantic Tropical development.  Another reason for optimism is we may be less than a month from our first "real" cold front, breaking the heat and especially the humidity.  

Historically, the first cold front arrives between the first and second week in October, and by the end of the month, the average afternoon high is in the mid 80s.