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Viewers respond to dogs shot and killed in Tice


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Viewers respond to dogs shot and killed in Tice

By FOX 4. CREATED Sep 7, 2012 - UPDATED: Sep 7, 2012

Viewers are sounding off about a Lee County woman whose dog was shot to death during a morning walk.

 Fox 4 brought you the story of Bonnie Rownan who is grieving the loss of her rottweiler, Saint.
"It's a sad thing when both of these animals are put down and were probably both good animals"
Rownan took Saint for a walk around Tice, but not on a leash.
Saint wandered onto private property and started to fight with another dog.
The owner of that dog shot and killed Saint -- along with his own dog.
Rownan said that was unnecessary.  "It’s awful. It shouldn't be like that. It’s only dogs fighting.  It’s not necessary."
Sue from Cape Coral agrees.
"I think that that man that shot the Rottweiler and his own dog should be prosecuted, absolutely."
Kim from Collier County thinks the shooter went too far.
"I'm calling about the guy who shot the dog. He should be charged. He's cruel."
“Sometimes he likes to run loose. He's a big dog and I let him run loose sometimes.” Rownan said.
For that reason, other Fox 4 views think that Rownan is to blame, like Kevin in Fort Myers.  "The lady should have had that dog on a leash…The guy had every right to shoot the dog."
The sheriff's office is conducting an investigation.
But says so far it appears the alleged shooter was trying to protect his dog.
Robin from Fort Myers:
"She didn't protect her own dog by keeping him on his leash. People are intimidated by these dogs and when there's people around you, keep them on a leash."
In fact, Rownan was given a citation because her Rottweiler wasn't on a leash.