Two dogs shot, killed in Tice


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Two dogs shot, killed in Tice

By Matt Grant. CREATED Sep 6, 2012

LEE COUNTY, Fla - A Tice man opened fire on two dogs fighting Thursday killing both and one of those dogs was his own.

"He plays with the kids, he loves the kids," said Bonnie Rownan, talking about her three-year-old rottweiler Saint. "He's a great dog."

Hours after watching her dog shot to death during their morning walk, Rownan looked through photos and couldn't believe what happened.

"I'm hysterical," she said. "I want to cry. It's really awful."

Rownan took Saint for a walk around 11 a.m. on Ione Avenue in the Tice community. The 130 pound dog was not on a leash.

"Sometimes he likes to run loose," said Rownan. "He's a big dog. And I let him run loose sometimes."

Saint wandered onto a private property where he attacked a chained-up pit bull, according to Lee County sheriff deputies.

Rownan says the other dog was the aggressor.

"The pit bull jumped at started snarling and he's snarling back," said Rownan. "And they just got into it in the yard and the guy shot them both."

Rownan watched as the pit bull's owner opened fire killing her dog and his own, she said.

"What did you think when this guy shot your dog?," asked Fox 4 reporter Matt Grant.

"You don't think, I guess it's just too terrible to think at that moment," said Rownan. "It's awful. It shouldn't be like that. It's only dogs fighting. It's not necessary."

Alfonso Rameres was working on a nearby house when he heard gun shots rang out and the dog making a whining noise.

"I heard three shots," he described. "Boom, boom, boom."

Fox 4 was there as Animal Services took Rownan's dog away for a necropsy. The sheriff's office is conducting an investigation.

So far investigators say it appear the alleged shooter was trying to protect his dog and there is no evidence of animal cruelty which would make charges in this case unlikely.

"That's ridiculous," said Rownan. "Two animals are fighting you don't kill 'em."

But she says what stunned her was what the alleged shooter said to her afterward.

"He said he's lucky he didn't shoot me too," said Rownan.

Rownan was given a citation because her rottweiler wasn't on a leash. The sheriff's office has not been able to talk to the alleged shooter yet, nor has Fox 4 been able to reach him.

Animal Services declined to comment.

Matt Grant