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Africanized bees in North Fort Myers?

Africanized bees in North Fort Myers?

By John Rupolo. CREATED Sep 4, 2012

NORTH FORT MYERS - Charles Brown got a bit of a scare mowing his neighbors lawn last week, in fact he's lucky to be alive.

"Thousands of them just came out," said Brown.

His riding mower clipped the bottom portion of the trailer and a swarm of bees came rushing out.

"They were all over me," said Brown.

Brown says the bees stung him all over his body and he says there were thousands of them.

"You can't get them off  there's just too many and I killed thousands of them," said Brown.

A nearby neighbor witnesssed the whole thing watching Brown getting stung all over his body.

"I was trying to hose him down with a hose but they didn't let up,' said Scott Mallory.

Both Brown and Mallory were taken to the hospital. The mobile home park called in a bee removal service to get rid of the nest.

They sent a sample of the bees to the state to see if they are indeed africanized honey bees.  The state won't have that answer until Wednesday.