Prostitution on

Prostitution on

By John Rupolo. CREATED Aug 30, 2012

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA - A one hundred dollar jaw dropping toe  curling experience, another ad promises to fulfill every desire, and yet another says come see a sexy brunette. 

Where can you find sex for sale online?  At your fingertips - on  

There is a special section under adult services for escorts and when you click on it you get hundreds of ads from women implying sex for money. Some of the pictures are too graphic to show you but you get the idea of whats available for a price. 

The Lee County Sheriff's Office is also well aware of what's going on making more and more stings.

"We are hopefully putting the fear into some of them to where there not going to do this in our community," said Sgt. Stephanie Eller of the LCSO.

One ad reads sexy classy upscale italian. Her name is Mila and she's 22 and she's been advertising herself her for two years.  A few weeks back, she got busted for the first time.

"I keep doing this because this is how I pay my bills," said Mila.

And she says the pay is hard to resist.

"I make 500 to 600 dollars per day," said Mila.

It was some time ago Craigslist removed the catagory escorts from their website, Backpage. com has yet to do that.

In fact, the New York City Council has pressured Backpage to stop accepting adult ads for safety reasons. We asked Mila if she thinks her job is dangerous.

"You cant prevent it.  If I am uncomfortable, I leave,' said Mila.

Law enforcement also acts on tips from the public to take down online prostitution but most of the women we talked say they don't feel like they are doing anything wrong.